Solutions by Cara was founded in 2013 by executive assistant and events coordinator, Cara Schiff.

Cara has been a Personal Assistant and Events Coordinator for the past 14 years working with various businesses, non profits, families, CEOs, celebrities, and doctors. 

Her first job out of college led her to coordinate a major fundraising dinner featuring keynote speaker Patty Duke, honoring the late Adele Hall of Hallmark Cards.  As a co-director of the former Twin Cities Interfaith Youth Leadership Coalition, Cara helped organize the city-wide Interfaith Youth Day of Service, bringing together over 400 diverse youth. The Coalition's efforts received nation-wide recognition receiving the 2009 Best Practice Award from Governor Tim Pawlenty's Council on Faith-Based and Community Service Initiative, and the 2009 Interfaith Youth Core Bridge-Builders Community Award for outstanding work in the Interfaith field.

In October 2011, Cara became a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As she began working with clients, she recognized health goes beyond diet and exercise. Through training, she found a passion for helping individuals find balance in their professional and personal lives which led to the creation of Solutions by Cara.

Cara received a BA in voice performance from Wichita State University and traveled the world performing nationally and internationally. Her background in Opera and Musical Theatre has given her the skills to think on her toes. She is all too familiar with the rehearsal process and keeping her eye on the details and demands that go into creating a smooth and memorable final production!